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CategoryDrivers Date25-09-2015, 08:36
IObit Driver Booster Pro DC 23.09.2015

IObit Driver Booster Pro DC 23.09.2015 Multilingual | 14.0 MB
Updating drivers is usually an initial step to avoid hardware failure, system instability and hidden security vulnerabilities. To update drivers regularly is also an effective way to enhance your overall PC performance, and maximize your gaming experience. While this process could be risky and frustrating if done manually.
Driver Booster PRO is introduced to download and update drivers for you automatically with just one click. Based on cloud library, Driver Booster PRO can always be the first to identify outdated drivers, and download and update driver at an unrivaled speed. With the backup feature, it is an easy, effective and risk free solution to keep your drivers up-to-date.

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Categoryicons Date25-09-2015, 08:35
Line icons set - 17 EPS

17 EPS | PREVIEW | 129 MB

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CategoryWallpapers Date25-09-2015, 08:35

50 Amazing Mountain Lakes HD Wallpapers

50 Amazing Mountain Lakes HD Wallpapers
JPG | 50 | 1920x1200 - 2560x1600 | 97 MB

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CategoryProgramming Date25-09-2015, 08:35
Abelssoft Win10 PrivacyFix 2015 1.0 Bilingual

Abelssoft Win10 PrivacyFix 2015 1.0 Bilingual | 1.04 MB
Abelssoft Win10 PrivacyFix 2015 is a first for abelssoft helping to prevent all types of windows 10 spying.
-Prevents Microsoft it to collect private data
-Win10 PrivacyFix makes the data collection server from Microsoft and disables critical services.
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CategoryPortable Date25-09-2015, 08:35
PGWare PCBoost Portable

PGWare PCBoost Portable | 5.5 MB
PCBoost - is a useful software that quickly and automatically frees the resources of your system run under the specific program. This utility gives you the ability to run applications such as computer games, software for video editing photos much faster than it would be without this program. The utility automatically takes over the task to devote more computing power for specific applications , so that applications that are running faster.
The program runs as a Windows system service and automatically monitors and distribute CPU priority for each running application . Last version to support Windows 7. Many programs and games often use a minimal amount of CPU power which often leads to the CPU .
PCBoost uses this by allocating more CPU power to the currently active programs and games. All this is done automatically without you. PCBoost does not harm the computer , while providing equivalent power that a computer having a more powerful processor.
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CategoryOffice Date25-09-2015, 08:35

Nitro Pro Enterprise
Nitro Pro Enterprise (x86/x64) | 88.37 MB | 111.35 MB
Create Smarter Documents with Nitro Pro 10. The first and leading alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Nitro Pro gives you everything you need to create, convert, edit, sign, and share 100 industry standard PDF files.
The Features You Want and All the Power You Need:

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CategoryDesktop Enhancements Date25-09-2015, 08:35
DisplayFusion Pro 7.3 Final DC 15.09.2015 + Portable + Keygen

DisplayFusion Pro 7.3 Final DC 15.09.2015 + Portable + Keygen | 49.70 MB
DisplayFusion will make your dual monitor (or triple monitor or more) experience smooth and painless. With DisplayFusion you can add a taskbar to every monitor that works and looks just like the Windows Taskbar. Or take advantage of advanced multi-monitor wallpaper support, Flickr Integration for image searching and fully customizable window management hotkeys. These are just a few of the many things that DisplayFusion can do.
DisplayFusion will make your multi-monitor life much easier. With powerful features like Multi-Monitor Taskbars, TitleBar Buttons and fully customizable Functions, DisplayFusion will make managing your multiple monitors easy. Take a look at some of the features below to learn how DisplayFusion can help you!
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CategoryDownloaders Date25-09-2015, 08:35
Allmapsoft Universal Maps Downloader 7.504

Allmapsoft Universal Maps Downloader 7.504 | 3 MB
Universal Maps Downloader is a tool that help you to get small tile images from google maps, yahoo maps or microsoft maps. All downloaded small images are saved on the disk. You can view downloaded maps by Maps Viewer Or you can combine them into a big BMP map by Maps Combiner.

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CategoryInternet Tools Date25-09-2015, 08:35
Teleport Pro 1.72

Teleport Pro 1.72 | 2 Mb
Teleport Pro is an offline browsers, all-purpose high-speed tool for getting data from the Internet. Launch up to ten simultaneous retrieval threads, access password-protected sites, filter files by size and type, search for keywords, and much more. The most fully-featured and robust webspider available, Teleport Pro handles today's more complex websites flawlessly. Capable of reading HTML 4.0, CSS 2.0, and DHTML, Teleport is the only webspider that really finds all of the files on all of the sites. And with server-side image map exploration, automatic dial-up connecting, Java applet support, variable exploration depths, project scheduling, and relinking abilities, Teleport Pro is quite simply the best there is.
Teleport Pro can:
Download all or part of a website to your computer, enabling you to browse the site directly from your hard disk at much greater speeds than if you were to browse the site online
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CategoryDrivers Date25-09-2015, 08:35
DriverEasy Professional PROPER

DriverEasy Professional PROPER | 3.5 MB
Languages: English, German, French, Polish, Netherlands, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Chinese, Greek, Danish, Arabic, Korean
Driver Easy is such a practical tool that helps you solve the driver problem easily. It can auto-detect and download the latest suitable hardware drivers for your computer by just several clicks. With the friendly user interface, Driver Easy is quite easy to use that you can completely download all latest device drivers within 3 clicks.
Driver Easy Features
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CategorySystem Tools Date25-09-2015, 08:35
Lixoft Monolix 4.3.3

Lixoft Monolix 4.3.3 | 395 MB
Monolix is a platform of reference for model-based drug development. It combines the most advanced algorithms with unique ease of use. Pharmacometricians and biostatisticians can rely on Monolix for population analysis and to model PK/PD and other complex biochemical and physiological processes. Monolix is an easy, fast and powerful tool for parameter estimation in non-linear mixed effect models, model diagnosis and assessment, and advanced graphical representation.

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CategoryAnti-Spyware Date25-09-2015, 08:35
Loaris Trojan Remover Multilanguage

Loaris Trojan Remover Multilanguage | 71 MB
Trojan Remover aids in the removal of Malware - Trojan Horses, Worms, Adware, Spyware - when standard anti-virus software either fails to detect them or fails to effectively eliminate them. Standard antivirus programs are good at detecting this Malware, but not always good at effectively removing it. The majority of Anti-Malware Scanners are well able to detect malicious software - Trojan Horses, Internet Worms, Adware/Spyware etc. - but are not always efficient in removing them once they have been triggered.
Trojan Remover is designed specifically to disable/remove Malware without the user having to manually edit system files or the Registry. The program also removes the additional system modifications some Malware carries out which are ignored by some standard antivirus scanners. Trojan Remover scans ALL the files loaded at boot time for Adware, Spyware, Remote Access Trojans, Internet Worms and other malware. Two types are available.
The Standard scan quickly scans the system with no need for further configuration of the scan parameters.The Custom scanů allows the user to select any of the folders for scan.
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CategoryGames Date25-09-2015, 08:02
New Android Games(September 2015)

New Android Games(September 2015) | 1.01 GB
Genre: Games / Platform: Android

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Categoryicons Date25-09-2015, 08:02
Mix icons set - 12 EPS

12 EPS | PREVIEW | 63 MB

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CategoryWallpapers Date25-09-2015, 08:02
Quality Wallpaper In High Resolution. Part (52)

Quality Wallpaper In High Resolution. Part (52)
213 JPG | 1920X1080 - 3840X2160 | 269 Mb

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CategoryProgramming Date25-09-2015, 08:02
Hybrid L Bilanguage

Hybrid L Bilanguage | 7 Mb
Extensive HTML Development. Unicode source editor, integrated browser and WYSIWYG designer. Source editor privides syntax highlighting, code proposals and line numbering. Find/Replace in multiple files with failure check. Hybrid L is an extensive HTML editor. It includes a source code editor, a browser view and designer to use WYSIWYG features to edit your HTML pages. But HybridL is not a construction kit to combine predefined elements for people without any knowledge of HTML. You have full access to the code and no limits in designing your HTML pages. So it is very helpful to have at least a minimum of understanding what HTML is and how to use it.

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CategoryPortable Date25-09-2015, 08:02
JixiPix Moku Hanga v1.30 (x86/x64) Portable

JixiPix Moku Hanga v1.30 (x86/x64) Portable | 37 MB

You have discovered the fascinating art of Moku Hanga, the Japanese method of wood-block printing. Breathtaking landscapes, beautiful women, and busy cityscapes can all be transformed into this exotic art form known for its flowing hand-chiseled outlines and brushed on color.
Moku Hanga-Japanese Wood Block Printing Effect
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CategoryOffice Date25-09-2015, 08:02
Office Professional Plus RTM Danish/French/Hebrew/Spanish/Dutch x86-x64 2016 PART1

Office Professional Plus RTM Danish/French/Hebrew/Spanish/Dutch x86-x64 2016 PART1 | 10.96 GB
Danish x86-x64:
Name ISO: da_office_professional_plus_2016_x86_x64_dvd_6969617.iso
MD5: 878cccde4793060798cfa2bd3659f6c3


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